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  • Geology / Geotechnical
    American Geological Institute (AGI) United States Geological Society (USGS) Virtual Library of Geotechnical Eng
  • Government
    Department of Transportation (DOT) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Library of Congress National Institute of Standards & Technology National Transportation Safety Board Office of Pipeline Safety
  • Organizations
    American Gas Association (AGA) American National Standard Institute (ANSI) American Petroleum Institute (API) American Society for Metals (ASM) American Society of Mechanical Eng.(ASME) American Standard Testing Materials (ASTM) American Water Works Association (AWWA) Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) NACE International NSF International National Society of Professional Eng.(NSPE) Water Quality Association
  • Other Interesting Links
    CERN Discovery Online Fermi National Accelerator Lab MapQuest National Weather Service (NOAA) The Official U.S. Time Virtual Tourist Weather Info
  • Solar Activity / Telluric Currents
    Current Solar Forecast Today's Space Weather Space Weather Bureau
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