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The Company

LORESCO® International is a company of Professional Engineers and Corrosion Specialists. We specialize in the development and manufacture of conductive carbon backfills specifically designed for applications in the cathodic protection and electrical grounding fields. A recognized world leader in research and development of electronically conductive carbons for these applications, Loresco International has served the industry for seventy years. LORESCO International began under the name C. E. (Cathodic Engineering) Equipment Company in 1950. With increasing world-wide recognition of the LORESCO product name, the company name was transformed to LORESCO International.

LORESCO International is also an acknowledged industry leader in the field of deep anode technology. Beginning with the first deep anode installations in 1955, LORESCO International has continued to develop new and better materials, methods, and designs for deep anode systems. Continuing research in this area resulted in the state-of-the-art Replaceable Deep Anode System.

LORESCO International has also developed significant expertise in the area of specialty grounding designs. Because of our leading-edge technology in this area, LORESCO International was selected by the U.S. Navy to assist in the design and installation of specialized deep AC grounding systems required for the ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) nuclear submarine communication system.

The LORESCO name is recognized around the world as the quality supplier of specialty conductive carbon backfills. Loresco products are at work at all types of facilities around the world including oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, storage tanks, steel pilings, well casings, electrical generation facilities, communications systems, and transmission systems.

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