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Conductive Carbon Grout

EnviroCoke IVTM is the backfill in the LORESCO line of products designed specifically for deep cathodic protection systems whose discharge area must include environmentally sensitive zones. (U.S. Patent Nos. 5,080,773 & 5,026,508)

EnviroCoke IVTM combines the conductive properties of natural round grain Calcined Fluid Petroleum Coke particles with the low permeability properties of grout. The Coke particles are specifically sized to form the main conductive structure of the electrically conductive grout. To enhance the conductivity properties of EnviroCoke IVTM, other forms of high quality carbon are added to the composite mixture. Further additives make installation easier by minimizing the apparent viscosity of the slurry. The additives insure the compatibility of EnviroCoke IVTM with equipment normally used to install cathodic protection systems.

EnviroCoke IVTM is designed specifically for use in the discharging zone on the outside of a conductive casing, with anodes and LORESCO SC-3® inside the casing. By placing EnviroCoke IVTM around the casing on the outside, a conductive seal is formed which serves as an environmental precaution against interchange flow between water bearing formations in the discharging zones. When used in conjunction with PermaPlug, total environmental control can be established.

EnviroCoke IVTM, with its conductivity and ease of installation, provides a solution to environmental concerns pertaining to deep anode installations in sensitive areas.


EnviroCoke IVTM must be pre-mixed thoroughly with water before pumping. Mix 7 gallons of water with each 100 lb. bag of EnviroCoke IVTM. Mixing and placement may be undertaken as a single batch process or in a continuous series fashion. Once installation has started, pumping should not be interrupted. EnviroCoke IVTM should be placed by pumping from the bottom of the earth hole up using a minimum 1 inch steel placement pipe. Minimum pumping pressure required in a 300 foot deep system is approximately 125 p.s.i. The casing EnviroCokeTM IV is placed around will be buoyant during installation.

A mud of sufficient weight should be added to the inside of the casing or hold the casing with suitable clamps to prevent floating. EnviroCoke IVTM becomes structurally stable 24 hours following installation. Clamps or mud may be removed at this time.

EnviroCoke IVTM is a seal which will minimize water transfer. A vent pipe for the release of gases and as a facility for water addition is recommended. LORESCO's AllVentTM is preferred because of its unique design. It is specifically made for use with the EnviroCoke IVTM system.


EnviroCoke IVTM is shipped in 50-pound plastic-lined multi-wall paper bags. Pallets are available with 45 bags per pallet. Proven export packaging is available.

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