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Deep Anode Vent System

LORESCO AllVentTM is designed exclusively for use in deep cathodic protection anode systems.

AllVentTM is a product of premium quality designed exclusively for use in deep cathodic protection anode systems.

AllVentTM has openings placed in a strategic pattern to allow 360° venting ability without a loss of pipe strength. Vertical slits placed with precision cutting wire produce openings 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) in length with a width of .006 inches (.015 cm). With proper installation, AllVentTM will vent throughout the life of the deep groundbed.

AllVentTM is of prime importance when sealing is required on the deep anode system. In addition to venting, AllVentTM can also be utilized as a conduit for adding water should the system require it.

AllVent'sTM slots are parallel to the longitudinal centerline of the pipe. Center-to-center spacing is 6 inches. Each slot has been placed 1 inch (2.54 cm) in circumferential distance from the preceeding slot, allowing for a 360° venting ability. Maximum pipe strength is maintained by placement of openings in this pattern.


  • Place end cap on bottom end of the first AllVentTM joint to be inserted.

  • Add AllVentTM joints by gluing couplings together until the length of the discharging anode column is achieved.

  • Add solid pipe until ground level is reached.

  • Add clean water to pipe to facilitate sinking as needed. Do not allow mud to be sucked into the AllVentTM system.

  • Maintain surface cap on top of AllVentTM system during backfill installation.

  • 24 hours after backfill installation, remove surface cap and finish the system as required.


AllVentTM is available in ten or twenty-foot lengths and has a nominal inside diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm) with an outside diameter of 1.32 inches (32.3 mm). Special diameters can be produced upon request. 1” and 2” Sch 40 Pipe comes in yellow.

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